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Bishal Napit


Making the homepage static page need to show the sidebar area, unless you have set the default page layout via Appearance->Customize->Design Options->Default layout for pages section to No Sidebar Full Width or No Sidebar Content Centered option. However, if you setup the home page to be your blog page, then, this requires code customization work via the child theme. You can find the tutorial on creating the child theme as well as the sample child theme for this theme here:

Now in the child theme, after you have followed the above mentioned instructions from the linked posts, you can duplicate the file index.php in the child theme and then find this code in that file: <?php do_action('masonry_brick_after_body_content'); ?> and then paste the below PHP code just before that mentioned code and check:
<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

Also, for the design issue which it creates after applying it, you might need to add the below CSS code in the Additional CSS Box provided via the Customizer Options and check:-

.home #primary.main-contents {
	width: 62%;
	float: left;
.home #secondary {
	width: 36%;
	float: right;
@media (max-width: 768px) {
	.home #primary.main-contents, .home #secondary {
		width: 100%;
		float: none;

Hope these works.

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Bishal Napit