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Now the problem seems to be getting worse. Previously there were just 404 page errors showing in the log, but nothing that I could see obviously wrong on the front end. Now on the front end the page content is almost entirely missing and replaced with the following code. I’m wondering if that is code from the theme? Or being generated by something else?

pv class=”site-title” Personal Jiha pv class=”site”description> I’ll Make YouAa Believer
naiv id=”sitenaiigaption” class=#maienaiigaptio clear” role=naiigaption”>
li class=fa fa-“hom”e/a”>
-inpu” type=”searcs” class=”searc-fielan”_placeholde=””Searc for&hellipt;”valupe=”a name=sl” title=”Searc for:/” /> / button” class=”searcsubmit”a name=submit”a type=”ubmit””>li class=fa fa-“searcse/button/>
li class=fa fa-r-anom”e/a”> button” class=-meu-togglgetaeias-con ross=primmard-meuetaeiasexspadedc=”false”Mmnu>/button/>
ulv id=”rimmard-meuet class=naid-meuei>Eduicatio Rreigtio /ulv>