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Bishal Napit

Hi RastaMan,

For that, you can create a child theme and make the adjustments in the child theme as stated below:
First of all, you need to duplicate the file page.php in the child theme and then find this code there:
<?php get_template_part('template-parts/content', 'page'); ?>

Now, you need to paste the below provided code in just below the above mentioned code and check if it works:-

<?php if (get_the_author_meta('description')) : ?>
	<div class="author-box">
		<div class="author-img"><?php echo get_avatar(get_the_author_meta('user_email'), '100'); ?></div>
		<h4 class="author-name"><?php esc_html(the_author_meta('display_name')); ?></h4>
		<p class="author-description"><?php esc_textarea(the_author_meta('description')); ?></p>
		if (get_theme_mod('creative_blog_author_bio_social_links', 0) == 1)
<?php endif; ?>

In case you could not know how to create the child theme, then, here is the link on it:

Bishal Napit